Celestial Shades

by Luna Moth

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Joey Paz - Guitar, vocals
Dallos Paz - Drums, production
Laine Bergeron - Bass
Allie Naifeh - Synth

Recorded, mixed, mastered, by Chris Harris at Hook Echo Sound, Norman, Oklahoma, 2013

King Mary appears on track 9

Album artwork by Bryce Delbridge

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released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Luna Moth Norman, Oklahoma

Entheogenic love mantras/surfing into dissonance

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Track Name: I Don't Mind
I don't mind if the sun don't shine
I don't mind if the moon don't rise
I don't mind if the rain don't fall
I don't mind if the birds don't call

Cuz she's an unabating avalanche of adoration racing all directions-
An unequivocal eclipse of eloquence entrenched in vivid bliss-
A lunar crescent luminescent culmination of the constellations-
A crystalline epiphany enveloped in electric elegance-

I don't mind if the wind don't blow
I don't mind if the river don't flow

Cuz she's a celestial shade reverberating in phosphorescent convergence-
The apex of an apogee entangled in the tendrils of my heart-
A mercurially unfurling vision of voluminous emergence-
A burgeoning and cosmically aligned apotheosis of the stars-
Track Name: The Voluptuous Tempest
I can't fight it
I can't hide it
Can't deny it-
This mercurial moment

I can't shake it
I can't fake it
Can't mistake it-
This ethereal omen

I can't lose it
Can't refuse it
Can't improve it-
This vertiginous instant

I can't waste it
Can't replace it
It's so close I can taste it-
This voluptuous tempest
Track Name: Changelings
I'm a vampire bat
I'm a cheshire cat
I'm a king cobra
I'm a black mamba-
I'm a changeling and she don't mind...

She's a lotus flower
She's a willow tree
She's the queen of England
She's the silver moon-
She's a changeling and I don't mind
Track Name: Azure Star
Let's cast our cares into the fire
Let's carve our hearts into the moon
And when the whole world's underwater
We'll sink into this luminous inundation

Baby, what's going on?
I've been waiting for so long...

Let's cast our shadows in convergence
Let's spray our sparks into the sun
And when the comet hits the surface
We'll dance into this cosmic annihilation

Baby, what's going on?
I've been waiting for so long...
Track Name: Mercurial Eclipse
Girl I want you
When I'm with you
Everything feels alright

Girl I need you
When I see you
I feel so outta sight

And when I get my hands on you...

Girl I miss you
When I kiss you
Oh, it gets me so high

Girl I love you
When I touch you
I go out of my mind

And when I get my hands on you....

I love you, oh cerulean sage
I love you, oh celestial shade
I love you, oh Selene of Champlain
I love you, you got soul power

Girl I miss you
When I kiss you
Oh it gets me so high

Girl I love you
When I touch you
I go out of my mind

And when I get my hands on you....

I love you, till the faultlines divide...
I love you till the oceans go dry...
I love you till the sun fizzles out...
I love you till the comet collides...
Track Name: Kalifornia (Love Radiation)
Om Klim Kalikayei Namaha

It's a love radiation
Track Name: 67 Moons
Jupiter's got 67 moons, but I got you
I got you...

67 moons will never do to keep me baby
Away from you...

Mercury is closer to the sun, but I've got someone
Brighter than the sun...

And I don't mind the time it takes to run to you baby,
Cuz you're the one

You're the one...
Track Name: Interstellar Icaro
Opalescent, ululating, evoking oblique soliloquy
Oh, Selene, asleep in seaweed, lulling me so liliaceously

(Mountains fall, rivers rise,
In the starlight sea we'll shine
Summer days, summer nights)...

Crescent queen of silver seedlings, she of desert dreaming

I will be your vespertine illuminary if you need me
I will be your serpentine apothecary if you want me
Track Name: Elysian Lysergia
Through the haze of waking meadow
Through the stars
Into the light

Through the shade of waning shadow
Through the dark
Into the light

Through the ways of waving willows
Through your heart
You are free