The Serpent Stone

by Luna Moth

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released January 1, 2017

Joey Paz: Guitars, vocals, bass, synth, djembe, hung, pedal steel
Dallos Paz: Drums, bass, production, art direction
Cody Ingram: Vocal harmonies
Sun Riah: Harp
Dj Krama: Tablas

All songs written by Joey Paz
Recorded and mixed by Dallos Paz in Norman, OK
Drum engineering by Steve Boaz at Breathing Rhythm Studios
Mastered by Chris Harris at Hook Echo Sound



all rights reserved


Luna Moth Norman, Oklahoma

Entheogenic love mantras/surfing into dissonance

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Track Name: Sunshine On
I decipher my own destiny
Oh, oh, oh, and what I've found
Oh, oh, oh, the world keeps spinning 'round-

I devise my own mythology
Oh, oh, oh, and where I've gone
Oh, oh, oh, the sun keeps shining on

And on and on on and on and on and on
Sunshine On

You are light
Radiating from the highest height
Oh, oh, oh, I hope you know
Oh, oh, oh, You are the reason that the flowers grow
Track Name: Psychedelic Stars
Listen people,
You know we've got to find a way to love each other
We gotta lift each other up
You know that nothing is exactly what it seems-

Tell me something,
You know we've got to find a way to work together
We gotta give each other love
You know we've got to find a reason to stay free-

Listen people,
You know we've got to give it up, I got this feeling...
We've got to help each other out
You know we got to find a way to keep it real-

Supersonic sparks we are
Subatomic scars we are
Symbiotic shards we are
Psychedelic stars we are!

Lemme show you what I got, baby
I got love, I got love, I got love love love love
Track Name: Guru River
Guru River,
Guru Grove,
Do you think she'll ever know?

Guru Raven,
Guru Crow,
Just how much I love her so?

(Girl, I gotta know...)

Guru Serpent,
Guru Stone,
Tell me something I don't know

Guru Jupiter,
Guru Jove,
Should I stay or should I go?

(Girl, I gotta know...)

Come out, medicine moon
Guru moon, come light my way...
I'll be leaving here soon-
Guru moon, come light my way...

And when the moon is bright
I'll be outta sight
But when her silver's spent
I'll be home again.

Guru Beetle,
Guru Bee,
Do you think she'll ever see?

Guru Sunshine,
Guru Sea,
Just how much she means to me?

(Girl, I gotta know...)
Track Name: To the Moon
In the sun
I am one
In the sea
I am free

From the stars
I am carved
To the moon
I am tuned

And to the sun I fill my lungs
And to the sun I spill my blood
And in his rays I shape my fate
And in his blaze I place my faith

Every day
It's ok
Every night
It's alright

Cuz to the moon I pay my dues
And to the moon I play my tunes
And to her phase I fix my gaze
And in her ways I wax and wane...
Track Name: The Serpent Stone
I don't know just where I'm going
So I'm coming home

All I know, my love is growing
And I just wanna let it show

I don't know just how to say it,
So I let it go.

I don't know how to explain it,
So I just leave it alone.

But I swear upon the Serpent Stone
That I never wanna let you go
Yeah, I'll wrap my vines around your bones
And I'll thread my tendrils through your marrow

And baby, I'll take it slow
Track Name: The End of Time
Open up your eyes and see
Things ain't what they used to be
Watching as the clouds go by
Watching as the days go by

(Don't let your whole life pass you by
Just find a way to make it right
You've got until the end of time, it's alright...)

Open up your eyes and see
Everything's temporary
Gotta make it happen now
Time will slip away somehow

(Don't let the darkness drag you down
Just find a way to work it out
You've got until the end of time, It's alright...)
Track Name: Higher than the Sun
I am the face upon the moon, I am the silver in the starlight
I am a wavelength in the frequency of everlasting love
I am the serpent in the stone, I am the shadow in the sapphire
I got the chaos of the cosmos quiverin' under my thumb

I'm in a holy haze
I'm in a divine daze
I know I'm not the only one-
I'm higher than the Sun

I've got a spark inside my heart like an exploding supernova
I've got an electromagnetic current running through my skin
I ride the righteous revolution of sweet mother Terra Firma
I've got the eyesight of an eagle fixed upon your skeleton...

I'm in a lucid dream
I'm on a lazer beam
I'm your ecstatic vibration-
I'm higher than the Sun

My love is higher than the highest elevation of a mountain
My love is wider than the mouth of the continental divide
My love is deeper than the deepest destination of the ocean
I got the power of delusion dissolvin' under my tongue

I'm in a sacred trance
Doing the cosmic dance
I'm breathing fire from my lungs-
I'm higher than the sun
Track Name: Can You Dig It?
Girl, my skies are so blue every time I think of you,
Can you dig it?
Every once in awhile, I get lost in your style,
Can you dig it?
And you're making my scene if you know what I mean,
Can you dig it?
And it gets me so high every time you walk by,
Can you dig it?

Girl, the grass is so green when you're talking with me,
Can you dig it?
And it's just like a dream when you're walking with me,
Can you dig it?
And my stars are aligned when I look in your eyes,
Can you dig it?
And my heart is alive when I pick up your vibe,
Can you dig it?

(And I just can't escape the way you move
And I won't waste a day when I'm with you
And I got what it takes, you know it's true
And I just wanna get into your groove)

Girl, you know it's true
I believe in you...

Cuz I love you, can you dig it?
Track Name: Soon, No More
Soon, the vines will climb no more
Soon, the tides will rise no more

Soon, the hills will roll no more
Soon, the stones bestow no more

But beautiful are the photons composing your shadows
And prodigal are the parables in your particularly peculiar particles
And invisible is the gravity bending your backbone
And ethereal the material holding the rhythm of motion in your molecules

Soon, the sun will burn no more
Soon, seasons will turn no more

But ephemeral are the minerals binding your bloodline
And indelible is the divine defined by your delightfully one of a kind design
And celestial are the signals enshrined in the sunshine
And ineffable are the symbols entwined in your infinitely unwinding nuclei

(It's your life- You got to live it like you want to.
It's your love- You to go give it like you want to.
So live your life before the continents collide
Take your time before your arteries run dry
Free your mind, before your heart rate fades away
Get it right, before we drift away into the night, so...)

Soon, the moon will glow no more
Soon, your blood will flow no more

And irrefutable is the fate of the flesh that enfolds you
And indisputable the decay of the bones that uphold you
But spherical is the shape of your face on a pillow
And indescribable is the hue of the moon through your window)
Track Name: Livin' in a Dream
I don't need a lot of money
I don't need a lot of time
I just need a little lovin'
I just want some peace of mind

When there's fear in your reflection
And your shadows shake you down
Take a look in my direction
I'll be around

I don't need no competition
I ain't got no strategy
All I got's my good vibrations
Cuz we're just livin' in a dream...

(We're just livin' in a dream...)

When the hard times come to find you
And the moonlight makes you cry
Call my name and I'll remind you-
I don't mind...

(Cuz we're just livin' in a dream...)