Shadows Casting Trees

by Luna Moth

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A concept album about the transformative power of love, set against the backdrop of mythology and cosmos, to the metronome of the ancient beating heart of Earth...the images here are sky and sea juxtaposed, perceptive boundaries shifting, the interplay of shadow and light that creates all visible reality, cosmic paradigms reversing, the simple beauty of all things reverting to their source... it is also a geographical description of previously unexplored territory of mind discovered through hallucinogenic shamanism in the Amazon. The story is conceptualized as a reference to Ovid's Metamorphoses, one of the greatest allegorical descriptions of transformation and change ever composed by human hands, and the songs follow the course of its narrative.

The album artwork was designed in collaboration with Oklahoma artist Tiffany Nachelle Edwards.

The following bands, artists, poets, and sages have also inspired the creation of this album: Blue Valley Farmer, XMAS, Sea Couch, Sarah Capshaw, Sad Sad Bicycle, Letters, Eleanor Murray, FRMR, Young Readers, Depth & Current, Gentle Ghost, Matt Dill & Angela Schroder, Hyena (Laughable Recordings), Keisha Register, Mickey Reece, John Calvin, Aaron Varela, Steve Deckard, Ashtavakra, The Giving Tree Band, Crown Imperial, Ziona Li Riley, Rae Rome, Sharalee Stevens, Birches

Recorded Summer 2011-Spring 2012 in Norman, Oklahoma

Mixing, Mastering, and additional engineering by Chris Harris at Hook Echo Sound, Norman, OK


released May 3, 2012

Joey Paz- Frontmoth (vocals, guitar, synth, banjo, drums)
Dallos Paz- Capturer of Electric Wizardry (Production, drums on tracks 1, 8, 9)
Bryce Delbridge- Righteous Rhythmic Conjurer (drums on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6)
Lyndsie Stremlow- Spinner of Harmonious Poetics (backing vocals, lyric lending*)
Tiffany Nachelle Edwards- Psychedelic Color (art design)

*The line "My heart swells like the harvest" is borrowed from the song "Fruit That Fell" By Lyndsie Stremlow/Birches



all rights reserved


Luna Moth Norman, Oklahoma

Entheogenic love mantras/surfing into dissonance

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Track Name: Trees Casting Shadows
When the 7 trees cast 7 shadows from the 7 hills
When the 7 vines wrap 7 times around your 7 minds
When the 7 crows read 7 scrolls from 7 thrones of pine
When the 7 owls shriek 7 howls then 7 moons will rise
7 moons will rise
Track Name: Heartswells
Let's crochet the colors of the summer in our skin and never speak of anything but this.
Let's lie here and let the trees cast shadows over us, and let our thoughts disintegrate to dust.

My heart swells like the harvest. It grows luminous like a garden.

Let us tread this treacherous topography of love, and levitate the liquid in our blood.
Let's unwind the spirals in the shell of a mollusk, and fade into the vivid hues of dusk.
Let's alliterate these lines that linger on our tongues, and stitch the stars together with our opposable thumbs.

My heart swells like a foxglove. It goes fluttering like a moth does.
Track Name: Soulvine Unto Pleiades
The stars are shivering tonight, anticipating our arrival.
We'll take a sip of that soul vine, shed our skin and become dragonflies. We'll set our sights to satellites. The Pleiades are looking mighty fine.

And when a tree grows, it casts a shadow to remind you.
And when the moon glows, it casts a shadow to remind you.

And when we come back down to earth, we'll plant our feet into the dirt. We'll watch our skin become wooden, and feel our fingers become leaves and limbs. The moss grows covering our eyes. The birds build homes in our branches. We'll cast our shadows from this hill until the continents collide.
Track Name: Selenology
Moon of silence, moon of stone,
How can I love thy light (you've got none of your own)?

Moon of spider, moon of crow,
Lifting our eyes with the allure of stolen glow

Moon of solstice, moon of soul,
My blood is lulled by your magnetic lunar drone

Moon of solace, moon of woe,
Woe are the ones who go to sleep before the show

Moon of ancients, moon of old,
Bathing and breathing in the beams that you bestow

Moon of olives, moon of odes,
Illuminating lovers' bodies through windows

Moon of ashes, moon of oak,
Mender of memories and mother of all hope.
Track Name: Lupine Blooms Voluminous
It's a long way back to Oklahoma
where the summer burns like Vulcan's fire
Where the rivers vanish into vapor
And the vultures circle in the sky

It's a long way back to Oklahoma
Where the willow trees wither and die
Where the warblers cough with dust-choked windpipes
And my lover lingers like lupine

Linger like lupine in the summertime

It's a long way back from California
Where the sea carves my bones like cliffsides
Where the orchards swell so voluptuously
And my lover lingers in my mind

Linger like lupine

For the last time, I don't want to leave you alone
Where the rattlesnakes grow
And the rivers don't flow

I don't want to leave you alone
Where the ravages roll
Over barren soil
Track Name: When You Sleep
When you sleep, I will sleep.
When you spin, I will spin.
When you sip, I will sip.
When you drip, I will drip.
When you flip, I will flip.
When you trip, I will trip.
Track Name: Psilocybin Superfly
Grandma Spider cast your psilocybin signals straight into my mind (straight into my supine mind)

Shakti spin your sacred sparkling spiral swirls all up and down my spine (up and down my moonlight spine)

Aphrodite pour some wine so I can taste your blood it's so divine (so divine I lose my mind)

Mother vine blast me into the cosmos orbiting between my eyes (right between my lupine eyes)

The Goddess enigmatic has arrived (she's a firefly)
Glittering, prismatic and sublime (she's a mile high)
Mythical, ecliptic, and entwined (she's electric light)
Eloquent, ecstatic, I'm tongue-tied (she's so superfly)
Track Name: Spiraling Streams
Larkishly you levitated me into the sun (lazy old sun).
Suddenly we're spiraling upstream, sparkling and spun (coming undone).

Languidly you led me to a place where feathers grow birds and shadows cast trees.
Suddenly we're floating in the sea, blissfully so oblivious.

Oceans will evaporate and mountains will crumble away, but there's one thing that never goes away.
Centuries will fade away and planets will disintegrate, but there's one thing that never goes away.

Luckily you lingered in my dreams, oceanic dreams, tangled in seaweed.
Suddenly we're spiraling downstream. I'm in a canoe, falling in love with you.
Track Name: Satori Undersea
Meet me on the sea floor
And I will meet you in the sky
Up and down the seashore
Floating on a nebulae

Meet me in the clouds, dear
And I'll meet you beneath the waves
Floating in atmosphere
In between the sea and space

In the starlight where the stingrays gather
In the starlight where the dolphins roll
In the stars the sultry sirens murmur
In the stars cetacean songs echo

Underwater where the moon casts shadows
Underwater where the willows grow
Underwater we can breathe forever
Underwater where our hearts echo
Track Name: Shadows Casting Trees
We're painted together with the color of the summer, glittering and gold,
so sedated, so elated, so illuminated.

We're shaded together by the shadow of a willow,
glimmering and bold,
so symbolic, mythologic, so surreal and stoic.

We are spun together by the fiber of a spider,
shimmering twofold,
so melodic, symbiotic, so serene and mystic.